Kevin R White

Kevin White certificate

Kevin White in VietnamI was called up for National Service on 31/01/1969

Flew to Victoria for recruit training at Puckapunyal Recruit Training Centre (RTC)

After 3 months at RTC I was assigned to an infantry corp as most of us were, then transferred to Singleton Training Centre.

On completion of Corp training I was sent to Holdsworthy Army Base where I volunteered to go to Vietnam.

We were given one week leave to go home and then sent to Canungra QLD to complete a jungle training course, and then onto Ingleburn Army Base RHU to await posting to Vietnam.

My posting was to the 9th Battalion, flying from Australia via Singapore to Saigon.

The 9th Battalion had been in country for 9-10 months so it was very hard to fit in, as a new recruit.

The 9th Battallon was sent home and I was transferred over to 6th Battalion A Coy

We were transferred to A Coy because 3 Platoon had been in a mine incident with heavy casualties and needed reinforcements.  On arriving at A Coy I was asked to carry the M60 Machine Gun which was a big responsibility.

I did this until we returned home.

Returned home in June 1970

My time at 6 Battalion A Coy was a lot more friendly as I knew a guy who I went into the army on the first day and also another guy Henry Rybicki who also went to De La Salle.

On returning home my last posting was at SAS Campbell Barracks Perth.

Although I did not complete any SAS training because of the short time I had left in the Army.

I have been going to Army Reunions for A Company since 1968 and we hold these every 2 years in a different State.

These also include our wives and some of the soldiers children come.

These reunions are very therapeutic as it helps with PTSD that many return veterans have.